Samstag, 24. September 2011

Just a quick update

Hallo ihr lieben! Leider habe ich keine Umlaute mehr auf der Tastatur, deshalb jetzt einfach mal alles auf Englisch ;D

Hi there! No, we're not dead and yes, we do intend to continue this blog. I arrived safely in the United States almost two weeks ago and I'm having a blast!!!! I bought five "I <3 NY"- shirts shortly after I arrived and since then I'm wearing nothing other than these awesome shirts because I LOVE NEW YORK!! It's so BIIIIG and SHINYYYY :D but Boston is also pretty awesome! Yesterday I was introduced to Peanut Butter Cups and frozen yogurts .... I'm going to gain so much weight!!!! Sorry guys, no more pictures of Melle ;D
Unfortunately I'm having some difficulties with my laptop thus I can't upload any pictures but I'll make sure to post some as soon as possible. There'll be mostly pics of frozen yogurts, though :D
Sasa will return from her Thailand adventure trip in a few days and I'm so excited for her pics and more importantly her shopping haul!!!
Take care! Melle


  1. Ich will auch nach New York!! Aber schön, dass es dir gefällt! :)

  2. Best friends or sisters? Interesting to have signoff names of 2 persons. Thks for visiting my blog. <3 xoxo!!!!!
    Followed too :D

    Have a lovely day girls!!


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